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Website Design, Development & Security

We are WordPress website specialists who can develop, migrate and maintain your valuable online presence. HTML is our second language and we can translate! Our 10 years experience in website design will leave no business category without a stunning look and feel. We can take your concept from idea to a complete website within your time frame.

Software Development

Our passion for improving user experience (UX) is through artificial intelligence and website specific software. We analyze user needs in a variety of languages and demographics then design and test software for online applications. Incorporation of artificial intelligence to improve UX is at the forefront of the information technology revolution. Our software development and consultation services can imprint a vision in the digital realm forever.

Digital Marketing

We can create a Google Ads campaign for you and maximize your budget. We don't recommend automated bidding strategies so your money is never wasted. Monitoring your campaign is crucial to success, trust our Google Ads certification to electrify your sales.


We will analyze your SEO standing using specific tools and recommend changes to improve your search engine ranking. Our diverse background facilitates making required updates to quickly move you up the rankings and separate you from other companies.

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Meet Terrance, his first computer was a 1989 – IBM 386 with a floppy drive! His desire to understand programming and coding language started then as well. In 2009, he built his first website for a startup.  He has assisted a wide range of client companies in developing and implementing a variety of digital marketing ploys.  Talk to Terrance today about your vision and goals, he will strive to bring your company success!!


Social Media Guru

How we can help you?

Allow us to navigate the digital marketing cyberspace for you. We will transform your vision, product and goals into measurable results all at a fraction of the rates that competing digital agencies bill.  

Digital Marketing Agency

Gorillaz Digital offers general help and support with anything digital, contact us today to see if we can assist you!

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Experienced Team

We are Google Ads certified and have taken thousands of hours of training to better assist you

Paid Digital Tools

We have the finest of paid digital tools to help you achieve the best results, faster.

Relentless Analysis

We obsess about testing and analysis to help stay ahead of search engine algorithms.

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Real reviews for our trusted clients

Gorillaz Digital single-handedly increased our monthly revenue by over +2000% with an aggressive Google Ads campaign. They made recommendations to increase our Google position and over time we appeared on the first page, lowering our advertising budget. I am very pleased with Gorillaz Digital and would recommend them again and again!!!
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